Coach Beard has Coley's attention

Read on to see what wide receiver Stacy Coley is saying a few days into fall camp.

What has it been like working with Kevin Beard and how has that impacted your game in particular?
It’s amazing for him to be our coach. Last year, he was around the players, so we already knew how he was…He’s amazing. He teaches us everything, every day. [We learn] different things every day when we go out on the practice field.

What progression, other than the leadership, have you seen out of Brad Kaaya?
His ball skills, reading the coverage, and picking up the coverage really fast.

What is the main weapon here with this receiving corps?
It’s everything. From speed to power to footwork to best release to hands. It’s everything. We’re not just about speed. Even though we can take it deep, we’re not just focused on speed.

Talk about the depth of players at this position and the players that can make an impact
“We do have a lot of depth with guys like Rashawn Scott, Herb Waters, Malcolm Lewis, Braxton, myself, (Lawrence) Cager and (Darrell) Langham. We just communicate with each other and try to teach each other through practice.”

What are some of the team goals and individual goals made for this year?
“The team goal is to most definitely win the Coastal. My goal is to help people around me, especially my receiving corps around me, to get better. So that’s just my main focus right now.”

How do you think the players have been doing with off-field discipline?
“Right now we’re just basically focused on football, so off the field we don’t have a problem. Right now we just stay together, and try to do team functions together. We try to keep everybody’s head focused on the goal that we have and that’s to win the Coastal.”

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