Howard: "I don't care what others say"

Read on to see what senior cornerback Tracy Howard is saying a few days into fall camp.

On his progress…
“I feel like [Andreu] Swasey and those guys did a great job on me in the offseason and my coaches did a great job on honing me on my techniques. Individual improvement is great but I'm really looking forward to the team’s success. At the end of the day everybody makes individual progress and that’s what we need for the team to win.”

On Freshmen DBs Sheldrick Redwine and Michael Jackson
“Those two young guys are doing a great job. They’re listening to the older guys and taking everything in stride. They have the whole defense supporting them, as long as they lean on us they’ll be alright.”

How much easier is your job when the front seven is putting pressure on the QB?
“It makes everybody job easier not just me, it makes the team job easier. When those guys are honing in to what they need to do and they’re getting the offense the ball back and they’re helping the DB’s and the linebackers.”

When you’re a senior it’s only natural to put pressure on yourself. What are you hoping for of your last year here?
“Of course you want to do well individually, but we put the team first. We really focus on the team goals. Once you accomplish those, everything just follows along. You’re definitely going to accomplish your dreams and individual goals, once you accomplish the team goals.”

Do the expectations fuel this team in the sense that you want to prove people wrong?
“I don’t really care what other people say. At the end of the day it’s all about how my team feels and what my team wants from me. It doesn’t matter if the media wants me to get 1,000 interceptions. If my team needs me to get three, then I’m fine with that. If I could get two interceptions for us to win the Coastal then that’s what I’m fine with. It’s really about the team. We got fans and we care more about the fans definitely, but sometimes people are going to criticize. We just really focus on ourselves and on the team because that’s what it’s really about at the end of the day.”

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