Edwards talks about how he's improved

Read on to see what running back Gus Edwards is saying a few days into fall camp.

How do you feel as far as your running game goes?
“I think we’re great as a unit. We have a lot of running backs. [Mark] Walton just showed what he brings to the team and he’s ready right now. We have great depth and just as much depth as we had last year.”

Do you feel like you’re better this year than you were last year?
“I think I’m great. I’m way better at pressing the hole. My patience is a lot better. I think my football IQ has improved a lot and I credit that to the coaches always pushing me or criticizing me on every little run even if it’s a good run. They’re criticizing me on everything, so I credit my football IQ game improving to them.”

How much more confident do you feel approaching practice now that you know the playbook a lot better?
“It makes it a lot easier. Even though I know the playbook, I still try to go over it at night before I go to sleep. Even when I’m at lunch eating I will go through it and before we come out here I’ll even go through the install real quick. It makes it that much easier when you know exactly what you have.”

Are you approaching this season any differently with more focus?
“Well I know I have very big shoes to fill and that pushes me everyday. It makes me come over here knowing that I have to get better every single day. I can’t make the same mistakes that I made yesterday.”

What progressions do you notice in Brad Kaaya?
“Just his leadership. He definitely improved with that. He’s more vocal now and he’s speaking up. That just makes us have more confidence in him and makes us want to go for him.”

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