Isidora talks about O-Line situation

Read on to see what offensive lineman Danny Isidora is saying after a few days of fall camp.

On how practice has been going for the team…
“Everything is going good. We’re working hard. Today was the first day of pads, so we got after it today. The offense had a good mindset and so did the defense. We got after it today and we were excited that today was the first day of pads.”

Are you mixing and matching a lot? Or is it just the first team getting gelled together and you guys are all working together for most of the practice as a first team?
“Pretty much the first team just working together. We mix and match a little bit just for the sake of reps and stuff like that. But mostly it’s just the first team working together and then we have the second team working together.”

How does the first team look this fall?
“Well I like the guys that we have now. We’re going to be really good. We’re working to get better individually and as a unit. We’re all just iron sharpening iron trying to get each other better.”

James Coley mentioned that sometimes he’s going to have you practice at right tackle. Does that ever happen?
“It hasn’t happened yet, but I practiced at right tackle in the spring and I did pretty well. I’m looking forward to doing it again.”

Have any of the freshmen stood out to you early on?
“Yeah, I like Tyree [St. Louis]. All of them are working hard like Tyree [St. Louis], Tyler Gauthier, and Hayden Mahoney. But all of the freshmen are just working hard. They are all out here just grinding.”

Being a veteran how much do you have to catch the freshman up on the playbook?
“We got a lot of our installs already. They know some of it already, so in our meetings we are just reviewing and going back over stuff that we’ve done already. They know most of it, but we just have to sharpen them up a little bit.”

On Hunter Knighton
“Hunter Knighton is doing good. He’s never looked better. He looks really good. Our athletic training staff and everybody did a good job with him. He’s doing really well.”

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