McDermott: I love our O-Line

Read on to see what sophomore offensive lineman Kc McDermott is saying a few days into fall camp.

On the offensive line…
“We’re doing great. The offensive line this year is playing as one unit. One thing I love about our offensive line is the fact that we’re together. We really enjoy each other’s company. We’re all focused on one mission, one goal and that’s winning the coastal.”

On Brad Kaaya’s leadership:
Brad is always helpful, whether it’’s calling out coverages or blitzes. When we watch fuilm, we watch it with quatrterbacks a lot these days. He tells us if we’re in this play I want us doing this. It works.

On watching film with the QBs now:
We did it very little last year and this year has been a lot. We’ve done it every day. It’s really helping us out as a unit, the running backs and everything.

How valuable was last year’s experience…
“The experience I had last year was great. Being able to play with my brother [Shane McDermott] was unbelievable, but unfortunately, the season ended early for me. Playing at that level, at my age last year was a humbling experience. When you're in high school you're used to being the big man, killing everybody, but when you get to this level everyone’s equal. It really showed me what I needed to improve on.”

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