Knighton talks about his return

Hunter Knighton has finally returned to the Hurricane football team. Read on to see what he's saying about being back.

Did you ever think you weren’t going to come back?
“Not really. The first question I asked the doctors when I woke up was, ‘How long am I out?’ I thought I was going to play even that spring. I thought I would only miss a few weeks or something like that. I didn’t really realize the extent of it until I was leaving the hospital and the trouble I had then. My goal from the second I woke up from the coma was to be back on this team.”

On his return:
It was unbelievable. I missed it for 18 months. Now I have to do whatever it takes to help this team prepare to win.

On the first practice back:
I was a little anxious. Getting back out there, I had to knock off some of the rust. I’m back at it and excited doing what I’m doing.

What was the first day that you really remember after you woke up from the coma?
“The first day I really remembered everything was the day I had trouble breathing and Coach Golden was there. They were trying to call my mom because she was outside of the room. But Coach Golden was there and it felt like hours. He was coaching me through breathing. Getting every breath in and he really helped me with that.”

What do you think has helped you get through this process?
“I’ve definitely relied on my faith a lot. Pastor Steve, our team chaplain, really helped me through this. My older brother, I actually got to see his last season of football because I was sick. That was one of the good things. Also, being with him on that journey as his football career was ending was really special.”

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