Miami Ready for Rutgers

OK Canes fans, last time out the University of Miami looked like they could take on the Rams offense and the Ravens defense and still have the 3rd stringers in by the 3rd quarter. Is Miami that good, maybe. Is Penn State that bad, probably not. Its quite possible for PSU to get 6 or 7 wins this season.

That wouldn't be a Penn State type of year but quite an achievement seeing as though the most athletic thing they did Saturday night was have their mascot try to fight with the Ibis. Sebastian took him out just by thinking it.

This week its the home opener. Greg Schiano will be calling the shots on the visitor's sideline, knowing that this game is over before the Rutgers' bus arrives at the OB. Sure anything can happen on any given Saturday, than again, Peter Mcneely could have knocked out Mike Tyson. UM should sue him just for thinking he could call himself the Hurricane. He was more like The Drizzle. But back to football.

I could sit here and break down Rutgers. I could tell you they have a decent running back, a good secondary and a good coaching staff, but would you care. In the minds of most Canes fans this game is just another chance to view the construction along 836 as they head to the Orange Bowl. Most so called "Canes Fans" haven't fully fastened their backsides to the bandwagon yet. That comes next week when Washington comes to town. God forbid fans should come to see a #1 ranked team play its home opener. As if the notion that one should go to a game to see the team they are rooting for regardless of who they are playing is outlandish.

The company line from all the UM players and coaches is that this game is the same as playing Penn State or West Virginia or Boston College.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Be sure that UM's defense wants to put on a good show for the man that helped them go from one of the middle of the pack defenses in the country to one of the top ten defenses in the country. Be sure a coaching staff thought it was intact heading into the Sugar Bowl wants to put on a good show for a man they thought would help them keep the Gators at bay (which they did anyways). There have been reports regarding alleged interference by Schiano in Miami's recruiting once Butch Davis left for Cleveland. If that were true, there would be even greater motivation for Miami to keep their foot on the gas pedal. As of the writing of this article the spread on this game is Miami by 44 points. If I were in Vegas or the Bahamas I would have no problem thinking Miami was going to cover. In talking to one of the Rutgers' beat writers who was down covering UM practices this week, I learned this: " Rutgers' offensive line is as bad of a line as I have ever seen. Their defensive line is bad but nearly as bad as the offensive line. I think Army has a better offensive line." Can someone say cringe?

Miami is not going to whip out all the trick plays. You are not going to see the Ken Dorsey lining up as a tight end package. There is no reason to show Washington anything by displaying it against Rutgers. UM's game plan will be very simple: Step on the field, Don't do anything stupid, and Kick ass. Plan on seeing a lot of UM's second and third stringers during this game. Look for Derrick Crudup to get a decent amount of playing time. Hopefully he will have better field position than he did at PSU so he can attempt a pass. Frank Gore will see some time as Willis McGahee has a slight turf toe(although he did practice all week). I wouldn't be surprised if they snuck Yamma Yamma in there on kick coverage. Bottom Line: This game will not be close, but it will give die hard UM fans to really see who the second string long snapper is ( I actually know this but in order for me to look myself in the mirror I can't reveal that). Dorsey's Heisman numbers will continue. Portis' Doak Walker numbers will continue. The secondary and offensive line will continue to prove they are the best in the country. But the game won't be on TV. Its not on in Florida because 1. who would want to carry it and 2. UM needs people in the seats and not on their couch. The game won't be shown in New Jersey because 1. it won't be the best example of how Greg Schiano has turned the program around and 2. who would want to carry it.

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