Offensive Players Recap Scrimmage

Read on to see what several offensive players are saying about the team's first scrimmage.

Quarterback Brad Kaaya

How was the defensive pressure on you?
“Yeah, they sacked me a couple of times. The D-line is looking really good right now. Getting a lot of good loops and twists up front, creating some problems up there. It’s a solid group, a lot of depth over there. Our linebackers can break coverage and get in the pass game.“

Any penalty issues you guys usually have in the first scrimmage?
“There was a couple just like in any scrimmage. It’s good to have them now instead of in September. It’s our first scrimmage and it’s the earliest we’ve had our scrimmage. Practice six or seven just ended, so it just shows you the maturity of our team right now.”

Can you talk about running backs?
“They all had good reps, they all made really good plays.”

Wide Receiver Braxton Berrios

How’d the offense look? How did you do in the scrimmage?
“Offense looked good, I think. I think it took us a little while to get going. A lot of times that happens, especially with the first scrimmage. You can try to simulate it as much, but it’s still not the same. I think it took us a second, but we really got going. The whole team executed I think, obviously we have to clean up a lot of things, but really good.”

Did you get a chance to watch the offensive line? How do you think they did tonight?
“From what I can remember, there weren’t any sacks. There weren’t many mistakes. Not a lot of people were getting pulled at or yelled at. I think everybody needs to improve, not just the O-line. From the running backs, receivers and quarterbacks. I think everybody needs to improve. I think we had a good day.“

Offensive Lineman Nick Linder

What were you most happy with tonight?
“Just you know, everybody sticking together when the twos went in and the threes went in. Everyone was picking each other up and correcting each other. There were a lot of players coaching players, which is good. It’s always good to see that.”

As far as the first scrimmage, how far along would you say the O-line is?
“We’ve come a long way since the spring and since the start of summer. There’s always room for improvement and we’re always looking forward to getting the O-line that much closer.”

Anybody on the D-line stand out to you? Have they improved?
“I mean personally they are all doing great, Ufomba [Kamalu], Calvin [Heurtelou]. They’re greatly improved. Just like the O-line since spring they’ve improved. They’ve improved on technique and ability, adding stuff to the toolbox.”

Tight End Chris Herndon

What is your role in the tight end spot?
“The tight end spot is a little bit more agile and athletic this year. So, they’re doing a good job of putting us in and putting us out on the outside to mix it up a little and confuse the defense.”

Are the tight ends going to be a big part of the offense this year?
“That’s what it’s looking like, but like I said, we just have to keep working and perfecting our craft.”

Tight End Standish Dobard

What did you do well in the scrimmage?
“I feel like I got a couple of blocks in real good, got lined up pretty quickly, and I caught the one that was thrown to me.”

What do you guys feel you still need to work on?
“Starting fast. We came out a little sluggish, but I feel like we need to come out with that punch, not start slow.”

How did the offensive line do?
“The O-line blocked really well. We had a couple of holding calls, but that’s stuff that we can fix. I think they blocked really well on the goal line, and on short yardage. They were really physical.”

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