Defensive Players Recap Scrimmage

Read on to see what some of the defensive players are saying about the team's first scrimmage.

Safety Rayshawn Jenkins

Talk about the interception you had at practice
“We were in coverage. My responsibility was the flat. I kind of baited him first. I sat inside like I was the hook player and then at the last minute, when I saw him shoot his eyes to the X receiver, I shot straight to the flat and picked it.”

What was the toughest part of working your way back to football?
“Probably feeling alone. When something is taken away from you, temporarily, that you really love, it can be really depressing at points, but you’ve got to find the right people to lean on.”

How do you think you guys did?
“I think we did pretty well. I think we executed pretty well. I do feel like there’s still a lot to improve on.”

Linebacker Jermaine Grace

What’s your take on how the scrimmage went for the defense?
“Today for the defense, the scrimmage went well. We were letting a lot of young guys play. The threes, the twos, a lot of young guys went. The ones didn’t really get a chance to get in the mode because were trying to get the young guys up. They needed a little push and a little time to get adjusted.”

Do you remember any specific plays defensively that stuck out to you?
“There was a lot of good plays. [Raphael] Kirby was able to make Gus Edwards fumble today, a good tackle by him. [Rayshawn] Jenkins got a pick six I think it was. I think Kirby got a sack today. Kirby got a sack on a blitz. I got a sack on a blitz. There were a lot of sacks today. I think one of the freshmen -- number seven [Kendrick Norton] -- he’s a beast. He had three sacks today.“

Who stood out to you offensively?
“Offensively, I’ll say Gus [Edwards], but really I’m not going to just single out Gus. I’m going to say all our running backs did good today. Cutting back, finding good holes, and stuff like that. So I would say the running backs were definitely a position right now that I would say stood out.”

Defensive Lineman Demetrius Jackson

Who had sacks on defense for you guys?
“Honestly I don’t want to lie, I can’t really put out any names. We had a bunch, I just can’t tell you because everybody was doing their job. None of us were keeping track of that; we were just going and playing. We don’t really care who gets the credit for things like that.”

Offense had some big plays, and it sounds like you had some big plays. Who wound up winning the scrimmage, Offense or Defense?
“You know as a defensive player I’m going to say defense. I just think both units came out and did good and competed. I think we won, but I think both offense and defense did a really good job. I think our defense and offense will be something to reckon with.”

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