Coaches Recap First Scrimmage

Read on to see what the Hurricane coaches were saying following the team's first scrimmage.

Head Coach Al Golden

How do you think Brad Kaaya’s day went?
“It was good. It was challenging. They came after him, gave him a lot of different looks, a lot of different fronts, multiple coverages so it was a challenging day for him. Good day, good poise, good command, and I’m excited about Brad, {but} we got a long way to go, though. We got to clean up a lot of the bad ball stuff.”

Did you feel any kind of separation at any of the positions?
“No, I think it’s too early. We mixed it up so much tonight. We moved the threes up against the twos, a lot of twos up against the ones, and vice versa. So, we really mixed it up. We wanted to get a lot of looks. We weren’t really trying to win the scrimmage on either side of the ball. We were trying to get a look at a lot of different people, take a good look at our concepts, and evaluate and see where we are at. I thought our conditioning was good, and again, we’re injury-free, so we’re blessed.”

How did the running backs look today?
“Good, strong. All four of them went with the ones. Al four of them went with the twos and we just rotated them in so good evaluation of them, and again, part of that is to see what they do best. That’s what we have to do with those guys.”

Defensive Coordinator Mark D’Onofrio

How’d the defense do tonight?
“We have to watch the film. It’s the first scrimmage. We played probably 45 guys out there. We had about 20 series. I think we played the threes five of those series. We played the fours one series. So, the ones and twos probably got seven series each. So, we played a whole lot of people and we’ll just watch the tape and see who stood out. We’ll reset the depth based on how they performed tonight and we’ll just keep chipping away and go from there. We’ll repeat the process again as we move closer to Bethune [Cookman] and just keep whittling away. It’s hard to tell, especially when it’s a scrimmage situation. You don’t always have an adjustment period. We’re just calling plays. [Offensive coordinator] James [Coley] is calling plays and I’m calling plays and that’s what we’re doing for two hours without processing what happened that series because when the ones go out, then the twos come in, then the threes come in, then the fours come in. So, it’s a matter of going back and just watching the tape.”

Was there any separation between certain players?
“It’s hard because what we want to do is if a guy starts as a one, he’s going to eventually, in the series, play against the twos, and the twos are going to play against the ones. That way we’re evaluating them against the same people. So, it’s not that one guy is in the twos and he’s only against twos or going against ones. So, it’s really a mix and match. So, again, from a continuity standpoint, the same 11 guys were not out there for any series today. It was just a sub pattern that we rolled to make sure each guy got enough plays so we can evaluate them and go forward. But I would say whoever was with the one group stood out more than the twos.”

Is Rayshawn Jenkins the same as before the knee injury?
“Well that’s hard [to say]. This is the first live tackling he’s had in 18 months, so I don’t know how to measure that. That’s a hard thing to play safety against the type of athletes we have here, and to go through your first practice and say ‘he was where he was,’ that’s going to be a really tough statement to make, but we’ll watch the tape. He did some good things tonight. He’s had a good camp. The most important thing is that he’s staying healthy and he’s getting better every week. So, we’ll just keep getting him better and we’re glad he’s out here. He’s done a lot of good things. He’s worked really hard to get himself back.”

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