Q&A with Chad Thomas

Read on to see what sophomore Chad Thomas, who is having a very strong camp, is saying.

How are you guys managing to stay fresh as we go deeper and deeper into [training] camp?
“Oh, there’s knicks and knacks. Obviously, we play football and we’re deep into camp. So, we’re going to have body aches and stuff. Coach is taking care of us. A lot of us are going to see [Head Athletic Trainer] Vinny [Scavo]. We’re staying in the training room, trying to get our body right for the next practice – we can’t give up. So, you just got to keep a good mindset and ignore the knicks and knacks right now.”

On which group he’s getting reps most with:
Reps, we are taking our turns. I’m with the ones right now.

On defending the run better personally:
I feel good taking on the runs, trying to get off and holding in there and not get pushed out. The added weight has helped me with my run defense.

What are your expectations for yourself this year?
“The same expectations that I get from my team and my coaches. Just play [to a] high standard, be a great leader and a great teammate at the same time.”

How do you see the offensive line progressing over the first nine/ten days of camp?
“They are progressing very well. They had to come together and they came together right now, and they’re giving us some work. They’re giving the D Line a lot of work.”

On Gerald Willis coming from UF:
It’s not hard. It was The Opening or the Undr Armour Game, we were roommates. We were friends so when he came here he became my teammate. I didn’t care where he came from. It was hard for him at first but I kept saying positive things and giving good vibes around him. He fits in good now. He can help us in the room, and making sure we’re all doing the right things. When he’s gotten reps, he’s looked good and made plays.

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