Crawford on why he & entire D will be better

Read on to see what senior safety Dallas Crawford is saying about why he and the entire defense will be improved this season.

On how he’s working to improve on 2014:
Every chance I get I’m in the playbook, spending 2 hours a day. I don’t want to feel like I felt at times last year. I didn’t play up to my standards. I let the team down. To hold up my end of the bargain, I have to study film and the playbook more.

On his 2014 season:
It got better at the end of the season. Nentambu helped explain the playbook to me and that really helped.

On what he felt were his down points last season:
Just a few open field tackles, like in the Louisville game when I gave up the touchdown. I just have to get more plays on the ground.

On how the defense felt last season not being able to get key stops:
Not to keep going back to last year, we don’t ever want to feel that again.

On his role on special teams:
Everything. Holder to punt team, return team, whatever. I’ll do whatever it takes.

On the improved depth at safety:
There is depth at every position, especially at safety. We have five who can go in at anytime and hold their own. The D-Line, there’s more depth than there’s ever been since I came here.

On why the defense will be better:
First thing is Coach Melvin. He brought a whole element to the whole defense. It’s crazy how they’re getting off the ball now. He’s a pro. He could teach every position on defense. He tells us we have to be a pro. He gave me a tip at safety. He helps out wherever he can.

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