Coach D talks about improved pass rush & more

Read on to see what defensive coordinator is saying about the team's improved pass rush, his response when asked about the team's top pass rusher, and much more.

On what he expects from the defense:
More TFLs, more sacks, improving on third down and in the redzone, and more takeaways. Those are areas we’ve had success in at times over the last few years but we just have to be more consistent.

On being more aggressive with his calls:
It’s also players. Sometimes players have to win a 1on1. It helps when the quality of the player continues to improve and they can win a 1on1 and get a sack. There are only so many sacks you can generate by making a call.

On the team’s best pass rusher:
We have a two deep that I feel very comfortable with in terms of rushing the passer. No one has a spot. They all have to battle every day. We have three deep on our regular defense and probably a two deep on our speed package.

On the improved pass rush:
We have the ability to get a little smaller on third down. We can take some linebackers and put them outside and put guys like Chad Thomas and Kamalu and knock them inside. Then we have four fast guys on the field. You see it in the NFL. When you have those guys, it’s our job to create the best matchup every week.

On Jelani Hamilton:
He’s improved a lot. He was our most improved player in the spring. It was well earned. The biggest area he can help us with is that interior pass rush. He was a high school defensive end who came in here at 265 and now he’s 305. He has some gifts. With him, you make yourself more athletic on the interior.

On how Hamilton’s turned it around:
He had the injury he had at St. Thomas, was forced to play because we didn’t have depth. We redshirted him last year and that helped. We coordinated with Swasey to get him bigger and stronger and more confident. Randy’s doing a really nice job with him.

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