Coley: My drops are way down

Read on to see what Stacy Coley is saying less than two weeks before the team's season opener.

On if he’s been struggling with drops:
Na na na, Im still at one. We’re doing good as a receiving corps. We’re not dropping balls. We’re seeing it well and catching it.

On how they keep track:
They tally scores in practice and it happened during warmups.

On whether he leads the team in fewest drops:
It’s some more people who have more drops but it’s only two or three. We just have to stay focused and catch the ball.

On his sophomore slump:
I feel like you have to do it yourself. My sophomore year I wasn’t really there. I’m trying to stay away from that and focus on right now, my junior year.

On what factors contributed:
There was some other stuff but I don’t want to focus on that stuff. I’m trying to focus on my junior year now.

On how he moved past that:
Like I said, I take all my frustration out in the weight room and worked with Brad and the receiving corps. I practiced my game, focused on not dropping balls.

On added weight and strength from last season:
Just getting off jams, taking hits and blows, and things like that. It made me more confident to go block the safety and things like that. I’m ready.

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