O-Line talks after Tuesday's practice

Read on to see what some of the offensive linemen were saying following Tuesday's practice.

Nick Linder

On the O-Line coming together:
We’ve been building cohesion since January whether it’s workouts or spring or fall camp. That’s the biggest thing about the O-Line is just gelling.

On moving guys around:
A good O-Line is interchangeable. You want everyone on the same page. That’s what you really need.

On the first game being around the corner:
As you can imagine, a game is crazy. We’re always trying to ignore the noise and keep everything like Greentree. If we’re doing it out here we’re trying to bring that to the game.

On where he plans to play most:
I can play guard or center. It’s whatever they want.

On how often he talks to Brandon:
I talk to him every other day. We’re busy but if we get a break we’ll shoot each other a call. He’s been giving me hints that he’s picking up in the NFL. It’s a great resource. I also talk to Shane and Ereck and Jon and those guys and learn from them. Being around those guys, everyone has been sharing the tricks of the trade.

Joe Brown

On the difference between the first and second group:
To be honest, nothing is different. It’s all about communication. Everyone is working hard to get on that bus. On the second team, everyone’s working hard. We just have to keep the tempo going.

On the first D-Line’s difference:
Definitely Calvin, he’s really strong. That was the biggest difference. Everyone is just getting after it.

On his learning curve:
Coming out of high school I was only a defensive player and I didn’t know much about the offensive line. My sophomore year I slacked off and then my counsellors started helping me. I was a late recruit but as soon as my coach started sending my film out and Miami was the first to respond and that’s how I’m here.

Alex Gall

On potentially starting:
That would be awesome. That’s my short term goal, work to do everything I can to become the starter and then set new goals from there. I want us to be good as a group. If I’m good individually but we’re not good as a group that doesn’t mean anything.

On people viewing the O-Line as a potential weakness:
Honestly, I don’t pay attention. I care where we are as a group. I think we’re a strong group. We’re not worried about the offensive line. We will be good in the running game and passing it.

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