Kaaya talks about Saturday

Read on to see what sophomore quarterback Brad Kaaya is saying about Saturday's opener against Bethune Cookman.

On preparing for BCU:
We have to prepare the same way every week. They lost some guys but they have some transfers from Iowa State and Western Michigan. They have some athletic guys.

On BCU having so many South Florida players:
I’m sure. These guys are coming back home. Playing against Miami is huge for them. It’ll be an emotional game. We have to be ready for that.

On helping the freshmen prepare:
Just talking to guys like Mark, I’m telling them to study. Preparation is key, especially for young guys. Your mind may go blank but you just have to be prepared for things to happen.

On his first experience last year:
It was the loudest experience ever.

On losing Gus Edwards:
He is a weapon and it sucks to lose a weapon. We have three other guys recruited by us who are athletic running backs.

On what Mark Walton does best:
We’ll see this Saturday. He runs the ball well. He’s the same guy every day. He’s the same running back, the same team player.

On the offense right now:
Obviously we have a sense of urgency. Playing BCU, they have guys on their team who can make plays. We are treating it like every other game.

On Trayone Gray:
We’ll see when the game comes. He’s a good running back just like the other two guys. We’ll see come Saturday.

On sending messages to his teammates:
Every night I’m communicating. If I want to make sure a receiver knows what to do, I’m obviously going to communicate that to them before practice. I usually do it each night before practice.

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