Golden updates injuries & more

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about the newest depth chart, injury updates, and much more as the team continues preparing for its season opener on Saturday.

On rotating all 4 RBs with the ones before Gus was hurt:
It’s huge. The distribution at that position was probably the best. I wanted to give all four guys reps with the ones. Walter Tucker got reps too. We don’t feel like we’ll miss a beat. We feel bad for Gus. He’ll be back but it’s now a great opportunity for the other three guys.

On Gus after the injury:
They go through stages. You cant go through depression or denial. He was having a great camp. He’s been a leader and has continued doing that. Seeing him in all the meetings right away, it’s awesome to see.

On what he wants to improve on this year:
Going back to January, there are a lot of things we have done. We have positioned ourselves where we need to be. We had a good spring, a good summer. We have to be better on third down and in the redzone. We have to protect the ball better and take it away. We have to be better with penalties. That starts with me. There are other things that aren’t for public consumption. We’ve done a lot of things internally different and have challenged the coaches.

On Dallas Crawford:
He’s playing with more poise. He’s leaner. He’s tackling better. He’s more confident, and is more reckless. He’s not giving up deep balls. He’s an excellent leader and has maturity. We will play a lot of guys there. Dallas will also play on special teams, on kickoff coverage.

On penalties being down:
It’s been markedly better. We’re going over it every day. We’re showing the kids what is acceptable. We quality control our numbers every day. Penalties are down. We need to see that Saturday night, play with poise and play with our technique.

On so many first year players playing this week:
We have to be consistent every day with our approach and our plan with how we practice. The leaders have to continue mentoring those guys. A lot of things will be the first time for the new guys. We need good leadership. My last count we’re looking at nine redshirt freshmen and 12 true freshmen that will play.

On potentially moving Dallas Crawford to RB:
No. I like the group we have there. Joe, Mark, and Trayone. I’m excited about the group we have. Tuck would be the fourth. We have some other things in place.

On whether they found out about Edwards Saturday:
Yes. He did and that’s when we found out. They were going to get him into the hospital and figure it out then. We didn’t know until it was over. He went in Saturday afternoon and we didn’t know until after CanesFest.

On the new GPS system to track conditioning levels:
We’re monitoring 40 guys right now. I don’t know how its legal for one team to have it and others to not. It’s incredible information. It’s giving us valuable information. There are so many little examples every day. The GPS has made a big difference. The kids are understanding it better. Having Brad Rolle is huge for us. He knows how to apply it. It’s hard to explain it. It’s an intricate process and Brad does a great job breaking it down for us.

On Chad Thomas and Quan Muhammad being 2nd team:
We’re excited about both guys. This is the deepest we’ve been on the D-Line. Kamalu has had a great camp and is 295 pounds. Chad will be in the rotation early. Maybe it’s 1 and 1A. RJ McIntosh will be in the mix too. Trent was one of our most reliable players on defense a year ago. He plays the defense exact every play. Quan is going to be one heck of a player but he missed 13 games a year ago. Those guys will be impactful. Courtel, we moved out to tackle because of the success of Wyche, Norton, and Huertelou. That’s going to be a good group for us.

On writing a script for Saturday:
I would want us to attack, be consistent all week, take care of ourselves, play fast, be sharp. I’m challenging the team to be consistent week in and week out no matter what.

On Rico Mayes and Juwon Young:
They’re doing great. Rico we will do another week of him being inside. Juwon was outside a little today. They’re both getting close and both look like on the shorter end.

On Mike Wyche:
It’s a good competition. What’s to say Mike won’t be number one at some point. Chad, Ufomba, RJ, all those guys will play. Same at nose. They will earn it on the field. Mike’s much better than he was a year ago. I’m excited to see him play Saturday night.

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