Heurtelou excited for the opener

Read on to see what nose tackle Calvin Heurtelou is saying a few days before the season opener.

On whether he played DT in HS:
Yes. I also played some offense. I didn’t get recruited in high school. I never got any looks so I went to Junior College.

On why he didn’t get recruited:
Based on playing in New York, it’s not that big of a place to get recruited. Where I’m from a lot of guys go to the Jersey private schools.

On Trent Harris:
He made a lot of improvements from last year. He’s stronger, smarter, and being very vocal on the field. He’s a quiet guy but on the field he’s out there communicating with everyone.

On getting to the QB more:
It’s very important. It’s how we’ll win games, getting to the quarterback.

On Cookman:
Every week we’ll be presented with a different challenge. This week we’ll get after the quarterback and do our jobs.

On the season finally being here:
I’m really excited to finally get a chance to hit someone besides our own teammates. I’m excited and ready to go.

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