Miami Players Postgame Quotes

Read on to see what several UM players were saying following their 45-0 win over Bethune Cookman.

Rayshawn Jenkins DB

On being back on the field...
“It was exciting. I knew I could do it and I just had to trust myself and I knew when the opportunity came I had to execute and that’s what I did.”

On the defensive play...
“I feel like we played well but it’s the floor for us, it’s not the ceiling. We have a lot to improve on. We’ll be back to watching film tomorrow.”

On safety competition...
“We just push each other and not just at the safety spot, at the DB spot in general. We have a lot of guys that can compete, a lot of great guys that can do a lot of different things. We try utilizing that and we go out there and have fun and push each other. “

Rashawn Scott WR

On mindset going into the game...
“I feel like I owe a lot of people, I need to do it for a lot of people and I put myself last. It just gave me an extra boost when 3 [Stacy Coley] and 8 [Braxton Berrios] went out.”

On touchdown catch...
“They jumped offside and we work on that all the time. They just need me to go up and make a play and they trust me to do that.”

You feel good with the overall performance?
“No, I dropped one. That’s all I’m thinking about.”

Corn Elder, DB

On waived off return...
“I was just thinking, I hope I get another chance to take another one back. Things happen, so it was just next play mentality.”

On second punt return...
“Coach did an excellent job the whole week game planning for the punt return, and then all the guys blocked well so they set it up for me.”

On getting a sack and a tackle...
“It felt great. You always want to start off the season right. Coach D called some great calls, the defensive line got great pressure and everything worked out well.”

Mark Walton, RB

On his whole first game experience
“It feels great to be a Cane. Running through the smoke was a dream come true. Running through the smoke with guys – my teammates – who I go to war with every day, and it felt great.”

On his comfort level
“The O-line did a great job. Coach [James] Coley and [the other coaches] did a great job of preparing me during camp. And I just trust my ability and trust my O-line’s ability and run behind them. They did a great job tonight for me.”

On what it was like scoring a touchdown
Like I said, it was something that I was waiting on. It was going through my head the whole time – trying to get into the end zone. But when I got in there, like I said, it was unbelievable.”

Hunter Knighton, OL

On what his first game back was like
“It was amazing. Finally getting back out there, it’s weird. You kind of forgot how that felt – to be able to run around and play football again in a game situation. And it was just amazing. I was blown away. Really happy.”

On moving with football after his injury
“I still came here to do a lot of things as just a regular football player, and I plan to accomplish all those things and help the team accomplish all those things. So, I’m back, and that’s where I want to be. At the end of the day, I came here to Miami to play football and that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m going to help this team win in any way I can possible.”

On seeing the doctors that helped him recover, by his mother’s side
“It was big. I went back probably a month after I got out of the [Intensive Care Unit] to see them and thank them. And it was kind of a weird experience for them because a lot of people don’t know how they ended up, especially at Doctor’s Hospital. When they send somebody to UMH (University of Miami Hospital), they don’t know if that person survived, even. So, it was really nice to see their reaction to that, and to know that their work – their incredible work – paid off, and tonight’s kind of the culmination of that. So, I’m really thankful for them and all the hard work they do – both at Doctor’s Hospital and UMH.

Brad Kaaya, QB

On what he took away from tonight
“After tonight we just have got to get better. We’ve got to just keep getting better. We have to get ready for next week because it’s a shorter week. Hopefully we’ll have all of these guys ready to go by Wednesday and Thursday. We just have to go back to the film and see how we can improve.”

On what the team did well tonight offensively
“We just took advantage of the turnovers that the defense caused. We were good in the red zone. I feel like we came away with points pretty much every time we were in the red zone, that’s a good thing. We limited penalties; of course there was an offsides call. I think I got sacked one place, strip sacked. Obviously things like that we have to cut out, but we did a good job just taking care of the ball, and limiting bad balls.”

On how great was it to see the night Rashawn [Scott] had
“It was awesome. I’ve been with him all summer. it’s just good to see Rashawn back out there, to see him healthy again and see who steps up next.”

On how he would individually grade himself tonight
“I’m never going to say I did amazing. I’ll just say a five or six out of 10. I just have to keep getting better, that’s my thing. I’m never going to say I did good. There were points out there a few times where it was a little bit slippery, a little bit wet. It’s good to have that early on so when its maybe next week or in two weeks and it rains, we’re going to be ready.”

On how he felt when he realized Braxton [Berrios] and Stacy [Coley] weren’t coming back in the game due to injury and who will fill the receiver position
“It means it’s time for someone else to step up, it’s a next man up mentality. There’s a lot of good receivers, a lot of athletes. Either way I think we’ll be fine. We’re praying for those two, I hope they’re okay. I think Stacy [Coley] should be fine and Braxton [Berrios] too. I don’t think it’s anything major, so I think they should be fine. Either way we have guys who can get the job done, and get the job done effectively.”

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