Golden updates injuries & more

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about the injuries to the a couple receivers, some more of what he liked from Saturday's game and much more.

On FAU prep:
We just finished our second day of preparation for Florida Atlantic. I’ve been very impressed with them. They are scoring in bunches. They have a very good quarterback. The kicking game is very good. On defense, they’re aggressive up front and guys have motors. They have an aggressive secondary. They’re a fast unit and one that we have to be ready for.

On Trent Harris:
He’s a good player. When you start with our foundation, it allows you to get your talent in the game. We’ve been really pleased. He wasn’t in on a lot of plays. He was a high factor level on the plays he was in. He’s very smart, plays with a great motor. You know what you’re getting from Trent Harris.

On the added depth:
We like to play guys. We’re excited about our depth and the competition. A lot of twos who went in did a good job and finished. Kendrick, Moten, Chad, a lot of those guys are fighting. We have to tackle well this week and get off the field on third downs or else we’ll be facing a lot of plays. We have to be ready to sub and get a lot of guys in there.

On Corn Elder:
He’s a great kid, a leader. He’s quiet. He’s worked really hard. He’s healthy now, stronger, has a great vertical. When we play him at nickel, he plays fast. We’re trying to be careful of not doing too much with him. He’s a playmaker and has been practicing well. He’s very consistent.

On fixing mistakes:
There are so many things. Anytime you win, if you allow it, it can mask a lot of things. We’ve addressed everything we need to fix with our staff and players. We’re not done today yet but it was good energy. They put on the tape and they see what they’re in for on Friday night. There are so many things we can improve on. That’s been the task of the coaches over the last 48 hours.

On how FAU will approach this game:
I haven’t been in too many games at Miami where the other team wasn’t jacked up to play us. We have to be consistent with our approach regardless of who we play. Our guys respect the opponent and understand what they’re capable of. We did a good job preparing yesterday and again today. It’s a short week but we have a long way to go before we’re ready to play.

On possible replacements for Berrios in the return game:
Mark Walton, Corn, Artie Burns, Trayone Gray, Joe Yearby. We’ve had a lot of guys who have worked there. Herb. There are a number of guys. That’s something we continually work on because of the depth.

On how many freshmen played:
It’s exciting. What’s exciting to me is that you could talk to Michael Jackson during the game. Quan Joihnson. Sheldrick Redwine is really bright. He looks you right in the eye and you can speak to him. Gauthier went in and did well. Tyree (St Louis) has improved. Mark, Kendrick, RJ, James King, CJ, a lot of those guys played for the first time. I thought that group did well. They should make such improvements this week.

On appearing to be a faster team:
We want to be fast. I hope we have more depth now. As we look at our forties in the summer and our strength. It’s one thing to be fast but can you be fast for 50, 60 plays. We’re starting to get that. Competition has a great deal to do with that. Someone on your heels, those types of things. I thought we were physical, ran to the ball well. We have to play fast this week because this is a fast team we’re playing this week.

On K.C. McDermott:
What I’m seeing from Kc is attention to detail. His weight is down. He’s playing with footwork. He’s doing the things we’re asking to do. He’s putting his ego aside and letting us coach him. I saw that in the game and I see it in practice. He keeps improving and Joe Brown has been the same way.

On Trevor Darling being the most heavily recruited of the starting OL:
Danny is so steady right now. I don’t look at it like that. We want to play 10 and rotate guys in. If Kc keeps chomping at the heels of Trevor or Sunny, we’ll just keep going with the rotation. Whoever practices the best starts and whoever plays the best in the game will finish. We have a lot of competition there.

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