Harris talks about strong opener

Read on to see what leading tackler Trent Harris is saying about the team's season opener.

On his upbringing:
I lived with both parents. They raised me in a good household, a Christian family.

On coaches singing his prasies:
Again, I came here to win and I’ll do whatever I can. I always practice hard, and do what the coaches ask me. Most time if you do what your coaches do it’ll lead to big plays.

On leading the team in tackles last Saturday:
The whole defense contributed and did their job. We dominated as a whole.

On if holding to BCU to 79 yards was a surprise:
The way we’ve been practicing, we knew that was coming. As long as we do our jobs, we expect things like that.

On this week’s approach:
FAU is a great team. We are keeping the same schedule. We’re watching film, practicing hard, and just have to be ready to go out there and play hard.

On plays like Corn Elder’s punt return:
It brings a lot of juice to the team. We like seeing guys make big plays and it brings energy to the whole team.

On Virginia Tech’s game against Ohio State:
They played a hard game. Ohio State was just more efficient.

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