Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a few days before the team takes on Nebraska.

On Brad Kaaya’s improvements:
Confidence is number one. Two is preparation. He’s had a full year to digest things. Third is a routine. He’s settled into a routine. Those are three things that come to mind.

On who he wants to see have big games:
Njoku, Chris Herndon, Rashawn and Herb combine their games and have a big game together. Joe Yearby again and Mark Walton. Standish Dobard. We’re preaching consistency. You’re creating excellence. I’m challenging those guys to show that Saturday.

On getting multiple guys to step up:
We’re trying to get them all together on the same night. Last year we had the consistency from Clive and Phillip took the top off things. If they doubled Phillip, Clive would have a big game. I want to have more than two guys.

On running so many plays from the gun:
It helps a lot of quarterbacks. There are certain things we want to do under center and things we want to do from the gun. I’m not saying he can’t do certain things. It’s not just him. The backs we have and the style of runners they have. The type of offensive line we have. In the shotgun,, you set the target point for the defense if that makes sense.

On Kaaya handling all that:
He’s smart. He’s passionate about the game. When you put that much work in, the results are going to be good.

On low third down percentages:
It’s a different approach. What we’ve noticed is certain areas of the field third downs become second downs. That stat can be deceiving. We punted twice against FAU. We have to catch balls. We can’t be put into a jam. You look at the third down number, we have to fix it but we were also three for three on fourth down and two for two the week before. It’s us and Georgia Tech with the least third downs in the league so what does that say about what we’re doing on second down.

On Al Golden's desire to go for more 4th downs:
He said are you good with getting four downs in a drive? I said absolutely. As an offensive coordinator, you love hearing that. With that conversation, I can treat third down like second down. I’m making my high percentage calls on 4th down. Some people can look at that and say that’s screwy but a lot of teams are doing that now.

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