Nebraska Post-Game: Al Golden

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying following his team's overtime win against Nebraska.

On winning the game:
No one panicked. Leaders led and I was proud of how we finished. We are now 3-0. We beat a good team. It was a good win, a lot to learn from, and we’ll go from there.

On penalties:
We ended up with 12 and with the personal fouls. Guys are getting ejected and we’ll get it cleaned up.

On the reviews of certain plays:
I didn’t see the replay on either one. They take their time and they usually get it right. I’ve never seen either of those guys get called for targeting. We don’t teach it so I was disappointed that it happened.

On the defense wearing down:
Our reps got high in the second half on defense. Our third downs have to get better on offense. Penalties and the interception hurt us.

On the bench control penalties:
I’m not addressing bench control issues. We haven’t had bench control issues in my tenure here.

On opting to take a knee with 33 seconds left in regulation:
I had no timeouts. I’d rather go down in that endzone at home. We ended up being right. We thought about it but I told James just to sit on it. I didn’t have any timeouts. We’re risking a sack fumble and it wasn’t worth it.

On Tyre Brady making plays:
Him, Njoku, Herndon, Herb, we made some plays but Mark Walton had a run that was called back, a pass that was called back. Any one of those would have been the difference. David did a nice job. It was good for those guys to get in there and do that.

On what he said to the team in overtime:
I said it’s 0-0 and we’re at home. The entire offense was on the field. They wanted the ball. We elected to go on defense and it turned out in our favor.

On the offensive stalling late:
When we had the lead they started going in man and we had chances to beat them. Mark’s plays got called back. Both those plays were unfortunate because they probably wouldn’t have had time to come back.

On Nebraska’s offense coming alive in the 4th quarter:
That guy, give credit to Armstrong. He got out of the pocket, was 10-15 yards deep at times. He ran around and made plays. A couple third and longs, we didn’t get off the field. The stamina and endurance he had, we gotta give that kid a lot of credit. He’s a warrior.

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