Nebraska Post-Game: Brad Kaaya

Read on to see what quarterback Brad Kaaya was saying following the team's overtime win against Nebraska.

On the overtime win:
I’m not upset about it. We won the game. A few calls didn’t go our way. In overtime, there was no doubt in my mind. Everyone was locked in.

On whether he agreed with the decision to kneel it with 33 seconds left:
No question. What, go for it and risk a pick six? There wasn’t enough time to go down the field.

On why they struggled offensively in the second half:
In the second half they got more into their stints and their fronts that we saw on film but didn’t see in the first half.

On Michael Badgley’s game-winner:
I’m proud of him. Freshman year, a month or two after met him, he said he will one day make a game-winning kick against Nebraska. He wanted to do it last year. That was freshman year, in the summer, right after we got here.

On deep passes early:
Going into the week, they knew our personnel and what we’re capable of. That will always be in our arsenal. If the safety’s back there I’m not throwing it back there and getting picked off.

On Rashawn Scott:
He’s been great. He’s a good friend of mine. His GPS number is off the charts every day. He’s a very consistent guy. Coach said be a McDonald cheeseburger. Everyone buys it because it’s always consistent. Be a cheeseburger every week.

On Corn Elder’s interception in overtime:
I had a feeling someone was going to make a play, get a pick. When I saw that I was happy. We weren’t celebrating too much because we had to still run the ball and center it for Badg to make the field goal.

On being 3-0:
It feels great but we have to keep going. We’re 3-0 but haven’t accomplished anything yet. Beating Cincinnati will be our focus next week. This is a great win for the program and the fans. At the same time we have a lot of football left to be played and ways to get better.

On the crowd:
It doesn’t affect the players. We’ll play in front of anyone. The number doesn’t matter. It’s good to see fans supporting us but it doesn’t affect our performance. At practice we have music booming. It’s two aces and a ball and lets go play.

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