Ranking the Roster: WR

The Hurricanes are three games into their 2015 season and CanesTime's Mike Bakas breaks down an evaluation of the roster up to this point. This piece focuses on the wide receiver group.

1. Rashawn Scott -- Simply put -- he's been excellent through three games. He is making plays all over the field and is clearly Brad Kaaya's favorite target. I thought going into the season he had a chance to have the type of season that Tommy Streeter and Leonard Hankerson had in their final years here and it's certainly shaping up that way. He's stronger, tougher, and faster than ever. He will give opposing defenses fits and should draw lots of attention, which will hopefully free up Waters and the tight ends. He might not be Andre Johnson but he's clearly a legit playmaker and is having a very fine senior season.

2. Herb Waters -- He's clearly the team's second option at wide receiver right now with more than double the amount of targets as the next closest guy behind him. He's the fastest and best downfield threat in this group and has already blown the top off the defense a few times this season. He needs to keep getting looks down the field to keep opposing safeties off the line of scrimmage. He's a very good compliment to Scott, and should have a very strong senior season.

3. Tyre Brady -- You may be thinking how can a kid with two catches on just three targets be this high on the list. Well, he missed the opener and was rusty for the FAU game but then he showed flashes of what he's capable of against Nebraska. He showed the ability to be physical in the running game, be a legit redzone weapon, and make big plays down the field -- a combination of things the kids rated below him here haven't shown. This staff loves big receivers and if he keeps earning Kaaya's trust he could become a big part of the passing attack this season.

4. Malcolm Lewis -- An older, more experienced version of Berrios, Lewis is a solid underneath option. He lacks the ability to make plays down the field or to create excitement after the catch. He continues getting looks though, and is someone Kaaya will keep looking for. He doesn't have a high ceiling but he's a steady performer.

5. Stacy Coley -- Whether it was injuries or a lack of confidence, his production numbers were the biggest disappointment on the entire team in 2014. Even Art Kehoe said before the season that there were coaches who expected him to be the best player on the whole team. Unfortunately, the lack of production has carried into 2015. While he may not be 100-percent, Kaaya still has issues getting him the ball. Their timing, for whatever reason, seems off. He's probably still the most talented player at this position but until the production is there you can't consider him a top four wideout here.

6. Braxton Berrios -- An injury has really hampered him so far this season. He caught one of two early targets against BCU but he's been out of the lineup since. He doesn't have the skill set as the kids listed ahead of him here -- and probably even Cager and Langham -- but he should be a reliable weapon underneath when he returns. I expect him to catch lots of passes when he's healthy, even though his yards after the catch will be very limited.

7. Lawrence Cager -- He was overrated coming in here, I thought. Sure the size and skill was there but I didn't think he'd be ready to compete at this level right away. While that's been the case, he's still moved ahead of Langham as the top big freshman wideout. I'm not crazy about his upside but he can be a chain mover eventually.

8. Darrell Langham -- I really thought this could be his breakout season, and I expected him to be a better option than Cager -- especially early on. I was wrong. For whatever reason, Langham isn't ready to make an impact yet. He has no catches and has been thrown to just once in three games. He's still a talented kid and I think he will have a chance to make some things happen in the passing game later this season.

9. D'Mauri Jones -- Not surprisingly, Jones has been a total non-factor for the Hurricanes so far this season. Despite playing two inferior opponents to open the season, Jones is without a target this season.

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