Q&A with Coach Coley

Read on to see everything Coach James Coley is saying just after his former head coach was fired.

On speaking to Blake James yet:
Not yet. Briefly, I’ve seen him a bunch of times in the hallway and he met with us but nothing one-on-one.

On if he’s thought about his future:
Of course. I’m human. It’s an element that a lot of that stuff gets into your brain. Some negative things about the season is you don’t have time to do much so it’s a blessing sometimes that you don’t even have enough time to stress about it.

On Malik’s struggles vs Clemson:
It’s surprising for everyone who knows him. When it’s your opportunity, you have to be ready. That’s the challenge for him this week. He has to come out here and play with urgency. He wasn’t ready for that opportunity and we have to make sure he is.

On if he spoke to Golden since Sunday:
Yes I have. It’s tough but that was between us.

On the coaching change:
We’re still on pace. Coach Scott did a great job getting everyone organized. Everything he put together for us I thought he did a great job of it.

On the first practice post-Golden:
I thought our guys were focused like a regular Tuesday. Guys came out here and took care of things.

On the goals now:
We still have our one goal. There was a staff change but the goal remains.

On how the players have responded:
Whatever has been put in front of our team, I’m proud of how they have come out and attacked things. Whenever there is adversity, it’s going to be tough on them and they understand that.

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