Waters excited to move on

Read on to see everything Herb Waters is saying a few days before the team takes on Duke.

On the energy at practice this week:
I feel like yesterday we came out with a lot of energy and continued to practice and compete.

On Artie saying he will play Saturday:
It brought everyone up. He’s going through that with his family and he still wants to be out here. We have to play for Artie and his family.

On Rashawn Scott Wednesday:
He looked good. We know everything is OK. I feel like he’ll be ready.

On Brad Kaaya:
If he doesn’t play we have to go on with everything. We know he’ll be there in spirt and give us a lot of positive energy.

On Malik Rosier:
We just have to support him in everything he does. For example, we let him lead the post-practice stretch so he can get that confidence up.

On why Coach Scott is so well liked:
Just the person he is. He’s a great person all around. Players go to him with everything. He’s like a father to a lot of guys around here.

On whether he’s gone to Scott before:
In the spring and then in camp I had a little downfall and I had some personal situation with a girlfriend and he’s always there, keeping me uplifted.

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