Larry Scott: Duke Post-Game

Read on to see what head coach Larry Scott was saying following his team's win over Duke.

On the game:
We started the week out talking about the human element of the kids and getting back to playing fast and having fun. In adversity there are great life lessons. Those guys did a fine job each day. We got better each day. As we got closer they locked in more and more. We executed really well. I’m just so proud of how well they fought. My heart goes out to those kids. It’s all about them. They came through in the end and it’s awesome.

On getting the goal line stop early:
That was key, just so they can understand that if they keep playing hard the plays will be there. Don’t try doing more than that. That stop gave our entire team a spark. It said we were here to play.

On if he’s ever seen this team play with that much energy:
No. There are games we played really well. Just the adversity and things they had to overcome is what made it that much sweeter.

On the emotion in the locker room:
All over the place. That’s what you get when life is involved. I told the kids in there that there are many life lessons to learn from a game like this.

On Malik Rosier:
He was unbelievable. He did an awesome job preparing. Same with Brad. He met with him and advised him all week. Coach Coley did a great job preparing him. Malik was a winner in high school. He made some great throws. The guys around him raised the level. Getting the running game going helped take some pressure off, just like it does to any young quarterback.

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