Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a few days before the team takes on Virginia.

On the quarterbacks:
They worked hard, looked good. They challenged, they’ve led. I hope (they’re both available). Malik is fine. Brad, we’ll have to see how he practices.

On if the O-Line has a legit five now:
Yes, we do now. I don’t remember anyone coming in. We went with the same five guys. They fought their tails off, brought a lot of energy. As long as you give perfect effort they’ll be good.

On Malik’s soreness:
The course of four quarters you get hit a lot. He got knocked out for a play but got hit a lot. That’s part of football. You throw it and you’ll get a couple hits. He’s a tough kid.

On Vinny Testaverde:
He was ready to come in. We didn’t want to burn his redshirt if we didn’t have to. As a staff we go over things in case things like that happen. We didn’t want to burn it on one play.

On Malik’s confidence:
We got him going early. It was key to get him started well. As the game grew his confidence grew. You could just tell by his interaction on the sideline. It gave us a chance to take the handcuffs off.

On Joe Yearby:
He’s always a big confidence guy. He comes up to me and tells me it’s time to run the ball. It was a physical game and he ran hard.

On Evan Shirreffs:
I thought last week they both competed hard for the two spot. Evan battled and was on the scout team. If something were to happen in that game Evan would have been ready to. I was really proud of the entire quarterback group.

On Virginia’s front seven:
They play really hard for four quarters. They’re big, strong, and physical. They have some talented players and they’re big and strong. They want to make it a street brawl. Their coordinator puts them in good positions to make plays and they can cause problems.

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