Q&A with Mark D'Onofrio

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying a few days before the team takes on Virginia.

On a fallout from the game:
I don’t know if there was any fall out. We won the game and we have another big Coastal game coming up. Now is not a time to look in the rear view mirror.

On if the team’s had more energy this week:
Our team has been fired up the whole year. We’ve been out here practicing well.

On fixing the penalties:
There are a ton of teaching moments. There were a lot of penalties we have to fix. We’ll present the tape. Some were obvious. Some weren’t so much. I feel like if there shouldn’t have been one, I’m not going to teach that.

On how they were able to finish:
Everyone is conditioned. It’s seven days a week. You play Saturday, watch the tape on Sunday. You keep plowing ahead. We’re in the routine of the season.

On Corn Elder in practice:
He makes a lot of plays in practice. Generally the guys who fight through everything bring their training to the game. We have hard practices and some guys still make plays when they’re most tired. That’s how Corn is. He’s a great athlete.

On what they saw in Corn in HS:
His change of direction and his lateral quickness and all that. He was a point guard. You can see those things and that usually translates well (to playing cornerback). Everyone thought he’d do things with the ball in his hands. It’s great when you get a guy who can play on defense and do special things with the ball in his hands.

On Jermaine Grace playing so well:
We needed that. Obviously Trent started at mike linebacker for us and that was our fourth one this season. Jermaine hasn’t been 100 percent but he had a good week and had a big game for us. Trent playing took some pressure off Juwon for having to play the whole game. Jermaine gave us great production. I’m proud of the entire group.

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