UVA Game -- Mike's Take

Read on for a full game analysis from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* This was a game that a lot of teams would have been flat to start with. Kudos to the kids and coaches for not doing that. They're still going through the motions way too much (no sense of urgency on offense and no emotion on defense) but that has Al Golden written all over it. That will likely take a few months to be out of their systems.

* Having Brad Kaaya back was huge. While Malik played well against Duke, this is a different offense with Kaaya leading it. He did a tremendous job after missing some time. He had the pick and the bad grounding call that led to a safety but otherwise he played extremely well.

* As good as Rashawn Scott has been this season, Stacy Coley has always been the most talented receiver on the roster. Now that he's been healthy lately, we're all seeing the types of things he can do. He's a big play waiting to happen, and made some more today.

* It's been very disappointing to see how little UM's tight ends have been involved in the passing game -- especially Stan Dobard and Chris Herndon. However, I was wrong about David Njoku. I thought he was a good athlete who would take a make a difference on the football field. He's been making plays in the passing game lately.

* The defense continues playing with no emotion, and they don't look like a well coached group. The down line a hard time getting off blocks. The linebackers continue catching blocks instead of attacking them (the announcer even mentioned this when it happened to Jermaine Grace on UVAs touchdown run). The DBs continue having a hard time getting their heads turned around, which leads to way too many penalties. Id be surprised if UM doesn't have a whole new defensive staff for 2016.

* Trent Harris needs some credit. He's not as talented as some others on that side of the ball and yet he continues producing at a high level. He's very smart, disciplined,, and he plays hard all the time. He's quietly put together a very good season.

* Sheldrick Redwine played a lot today, likely because of Artie Burns not playing. He's going to be a good one someday.

* Two down, three to go in the Coastal. Bring on UNC!!

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