All-American RB Talks about UM

Gerald Riggs is one of the nation's top running back prospects. He talks about the Miami Hurricanes, their performance so far this season, and his official visit schedule. All of this and more is contained inside this indepth interview with the All-American.

At 5-foot-11 and 215 pounds, Riggs is off to an outstanding start to his senior season. In leading his team to a 4-0 start, Riggs has 710 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also doubles as an outside linebacker and has registered 20 tackles in four games. "I've made it clear to everyone recruiting me, I'm a running back," Riggs said about playing linebacker. Inside the classroom, Riggs has his ACT score up to a 22. He was a full qualifier several months ago.

Which schools have called you so far this month: Tennessee, Florida, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Auburn, and Florida State. Those are the main ones. I got a lot of other ones from schools I'm not really considering. The only school that hasn't called that I was hoping would be Miami.

Have they all offered you scholarships: Yes sir. Pretty much everyone except for Miami.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: Pretty much the same as before. I will visit Tennessee, LSU, Nebraska, and Michigan, and I want to visit Miami, but since they aren't recruiting me, I won't sweat it.

Have you scheduled any official visits: Yes sir. I have LSU when they play Florida. It's on October 6.

Talk about the college football season so far: Tennessee and LSU look good, especially on defense. Nebraska played a lot better than the first game. Michigan looked good, even though they lost. I watched the Miami/Penn State game and Miami ran away with it. They really took it to them. I'm anxious to see how Miami does against the tougher teams on their schedule.

Personally, it sounds like Miami is still not recruiting Riggs, and I think that means the focus might primarily be on Michael Johnson and Nick Turner. I'll definitely have a follow up on Riggs in about a month, so stay tuned.

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