Elder on why UM will be ready for UNCs WRs

Read on to see what cornerback Corn Elder is saying a few days before the team takes on a high powered North Carolina offense.

We will get prepared, try to slow them down, and play our game.

On Marquise Williams:
He's a good quarterback. He can run or throw. He can make great passes and has great receivers.

On going back to the state of NC:
Last time we went up there something amazing happened so we just want to keep it going.

On going against UNC's receivers:
This is what we live for. It's what we like to do. We cover the best receivers in the country every day. They're very explosive. They made a lot of big plays in the last game. We just have to do our jobs.

On Coach Scott being a potential candidate:
Definitely. I love Coach Scott. He's doing a great job with us. We connect well with him.

On other candidates:
I'm not really thinking about that and I'm just focused on this next game.

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