Tuesday Q&A with Brad Kaaya

Read on to see what sophomore quarterback Brad Kaaya is saying a few days before his team takes on North Carolina.

On how he feels:
I feel good. I'm fine.

On his stats this season:
Our record is good right now so we just have to keep going.

On UNC's defense:
They go to cover two a lot, quarters coverage, and they have good DBs who can make plays on the ball. They take away deep balls. We just have to play our brand and establish the running game and the passing game.

On UNC's secondary:
I just started watching film on them and have watched the most recent games. They can make plays on the ball, take away deep shots, and stuff like that. They stay two safeties high. That's what I see right now.

On why the OL played so well vs UVA:
You'll have to ask Nick or Danny that question. They prepared well all week. They were healthy. They were on their goal weights. They were locked in. I'm sure all of that played into it.

On this being a big Coastal game:
We always hope to win the division. Every game is hopefully pushing us closer to our goal. This week is one of the most important ones.

On being 11 point underdogs:
That's the line this week? I never look at it like that, never pay attention to that stuff. 11 point underdogs, we were 13 against Duke. I'm not a math major. That's more for the ESPN analysts. I just play football and do what I can do.

On the noise there:
We've been to loud places before. I've been to Virginia Tech, Doak, me and Nick played at Nebraska. It'll be a fun challenge.

On spreading the ball around:
Just whoever is open. People can't game plan to shut down a certain guy. I just find the open guy and know he'll make a play with

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