Howard on what he wants from next UM coach

You don't want to miss what senior cornerback Tracy Howard was saying today regarding Miami's next head coach, the future of UM's current coaches, and how he responded when asked to reflect on his four years here. Read on.

On defending Ga Tech:
Staying focused on your detail and fundamentals. They go fast. You can have to be locked in, can’t go to sleep back there. They’re running and running and then they can hit you with a big one. As a corner it can be boring that they’re not passing but you never know when it’s coming.

On cornerbacks against them:
When it’s your time to show up, you gotta show up. Your corners have to show up and tackle and I think that will be a huge difference in the game.

On the UM coaches not knowing their futures:
It’s probably very tough. I can’t speak or them because I’m not in their shoes. I’ve never been in that position of losing my job but it must be tough on their family not knowing. Our coaches have good experience so I’m sure they’ll have a job somewhere. My coaches are tough so they can handle it.

On what he wants to see from the new coach:
If you can relate to them. If you can relate to them, you can talk to them. When they come around, you won’t be shy or closed. If you can relate openly, you can be yourself and build a good relationship. If you can’t relate to them and something’s going bad then you’re like whatever. If you can relate, it’ll make it better overall.

On his time here:
It’s been … uhh …. Well …. I’d say…. interesting. It’s been fun and I had a chance to come to a University and I’ll get to play at the next level. I’ve made best friends. I’ve met people outside of football that I can network with. We’re not winning championships but being from Miami and coming to Miami, it can help me down the road.

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