Harris on GT & more

Read on to see what sophomore linebacker Trent Harris is saying a few days before the team takes on Georgia Tech.

On preparing for Georgia Tech:
It’s real physical and there are a lot of mental things going on. You have to trust your key and be in your gap. It’s all about assignment football. It’s a lot of film work.

On GT running the option full time:
I think it’ll be easier because that’s all we will focus on and we’ll get a lot of reps with it. We just get a lot more reps on preparing for it.

On being eliminated from the Coastal:
It was very frustrating but we still love football and have a lot of pride so we are going out to win these last two games. It was guys not being in the right place at the right time. That’s pretty much it.

On the seniors:
It’s a great group. I look up to a lot of them. They’re good leaders. I want to help send them off as winners and go play well Saturday. They’re good dudes and I can go to war with any of them.

On his future position:
It doesn’t matter -- wherever they need me to be. I can’t really tell you.

On the poor tackling lately:
Our tackling, we just have to fight for every inch.

On the future of the coaches:
They’re the same guys every day. They’re putting the work in. They motivate us. I can only imagine what they’re going through but they come out here and coach the same way they did before. I hope the best for them.

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