McCord on what he wants from next coach

Read on to see what senior linebacker Tyriq McCord is saying.

On Senior Day:
It’s crazy how we all just walked in here together and now we are going separate ways.

On his time here:
Challenging. I learned a lot, grew up a lot, matured a lot. I learned from Coach Golden how to be a man on and off the field. It’s been a learning experience and I really have grown up.

On their legacy:
Passion. A lot of us came here for the same reason. We didn’t achieve the goals we wanted but some of us still stuck around. We are working hard for each other to this day. Deon, Tracy, and those guys, I’ve learned a lot from people like them. It’s a brotherhood when you think about it. There’s so much we have gone through together.

On finishing strong:
We just want to go out winners. I haven’t won a bowl game yet. A lot of guys look up to me and I just want to be a great example for them to make sure they follow those steps. I really want to go out a winner and set the standard high. Trent and all those boys, they know they can always call me.

On the future of the defense:
We have so much talent and speed on the defense now. It’ll be a great group of guys especially with guys like Trent and DO coming back, Quan too. That’s just at my position. When the freshmen and the returning guys come back, they’ll be in great hands.

On some players he thinks have the best futures:
Working with DO in the spring and summer, his ways of giving great effort, Quan too, their effort is unbelievable. Trent is unselfish. He’s taken the leadership role playing eight positions. D-Jax is in everyone’s side pocket learning. He hasn’t played football for long and is learning it fast now. That’s just my position along. Look around. Redwine, he’s been a baller since he got here. Quan too. Those guys will be in good hands.

On what he hopes to see from UM’s next coach:
Being able to connect with him, having a great relationship with him. You have to have a good connection with him. The young guys still have the right mindset. They will come out here and try to win a championship.

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