Coaches coming with Richt?

Here's a close look at Mark Richt's coaching staff at Georgia this past season and which ones are most likely to follow him to Miami. You don't want to miss this!

OL: Rob Sale -- He spent 13 seasons as OL coach at McNeese State before joining Richt's staff at UGA in 2015. With just one year with Richt and no known ties to this area, he's an unlikely candidate to come here.

WR/RB: Bryan McClendon -- After a tremendous college career at UGA as a WR, he spent time as a GA there before becoming RBs coach for six seasons. He switched over to WR/Passing Game Coordinator in 2015. He's been named the interim coach there and it's very likely that the new coach will retain him at Georgia, which would make leaving for UM very unlikely.

TE/ST: John Lilly -- He coached the tight ends at FSU from 1998 to 2007 but was better known as their recruiting coordinator at the time. In 2008 he moved to UGA to coach tight ends and offensive special teams units. He has ties to this area and is known for his early recruiting success at FSU but his last 4 classes produced a total of just 10 NFL draft picks. I wouldn't be surprised if he followed Richt here but Larry Scott would be a much, much better option in this role.

RB: Thomas Brown -- A former Bulldog RB himself, Brown's first RB coaching gig was at UT Chattanooga in 2012. He coached at Marshall in 2013, Wisconsin in 2014, and UGA in 2015. He's a new face to the coaching game, went to UGA, and has no known ties to this area. It'd be very surprising if he followed Richt here.

OC/QB: Brian Schottenheimer -- He spent several years coordinating offenses in the NFL (06-14) before joing Richt at UGA before the 2015 season. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. Their offense ranked among the worst in the SEC in nearly every major category. Injuries played a big part in that, though, and pro style offenses typically take a bit longer to get rollin than spread type offenses. He has a lot of quality experience, would bring a pro system here, and is considered one of UGA's best recruiters. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Richt brought him to UM but I think he'll open up a national search considering the two only spent one (unsuccessful) season together.

ILB/ST: Mike Ekeler -- He's from Nebraska; was a GA at LSU, coached LBs at Nebraska for 3 years; was co-DC at Indiana; was LBs coach at USC for a year; and then spent the last 2 seasons on UGA's staff. He only has two years working with Richt and has no known ties so South Florida.

Sam/Star LB: Kevin Sherrer -- He spent three years on the support (not coaching) staff at Bama before becoming DC at South Alabama for a year. He's been at UGA for the past two seasons. Like Ekeler, he's only been with Richt for two seasons and has no known ties so south Florida.

DL/Will LB: Tracy Rocker -- He got his start at Cincinnati for one year before coaching the DL at Arkansas for five years. He then coached at Ole Miss for one year and Auburn for two. He then spent three seasons (11-13) as DL coach for the Tennessee Titans before joining Richt's staff for the last two. He has a good coaching pedigree, was respected enough by Richt to earn Associate HC in 2015, and seems the most likely of the defensive assistants at UGA to follow Richt here.

DC: Jeremy Pruitt -- A relatively young assistant coach, Pruitt spent 3 seasons as DBs coach at Bama before becoming FSU's DC for their championship season in 2013. He's been at UGA for the past two seasons. He's considered one of the top young DCs in the college game and his name has been linked to some HC jobs lately. He's had proven success. He runs an attacking style defense that the kids down here would thrive in, and he has recruiting ties to the area. It'd be great for UM to hire him but just seems unlikely.

The ones I'd like to see at UM are Schottenheimer, Rocker, and Pruitt. Since I think Richt will open up a national search, I dont think he'll bring Schottenheimer with him. Pruitt is likely going to be a HC very soon but he's, by far, the best coach on that staff and would likely kill it here. Rocker seems the most likely to come here.

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