Beason Off to Strong Start

Former Hollywood (Fla.) Chaminade-Madonna standout strong safety Jon Beason has been working out with his new teammates at the University of Miami since the middle part of June. The talented young safety is off to a good start.

"We actually finished up this week and now everyone gets a break till we all report," Beason said. "Everyone's been working really hard this summer and it's going to show on the field this season."

Beason arrived at UM a little bigger than he is now.

"I came in here at 218," the 6-foot-1 defender said. "The coaches want me down to 208 and I'm at 210 right now."

Inside the weightroom, Beason has been very impressive so far.

"I did 300 bench, 301 power clean, and 395 squat," he said. "I got the freshman DB record [at UM] on the power clean and squat. If I had came in last year, I would have been the strongest defensive back on the team. Sean was cleaning exactly 300 this time last year. He's got me now but I'm right there."

Shortly after putting on an impressive performance inside the weightroom, Beason joined other incoming freshmen in the 40-yard dash test. He wasn't as happy this time.

"We all ran garbage times," he said. "I think they were doing that just to piss us off and just to make us work harder. I heard Antrel Rolle saying 'all you guys that think you run 4.4's will be 4.8's out here' and he ended up being right."

Beason recalls the day from earlier this week.

"We were going in alphabetical order so I was first up [in my workout group]," he said. "I ran a 4.8 and I was like 'no way' so I ran it again and got a 4.7. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm a 4.3 guy or anything but I know I'm faster than that. Then Lee [Ali Highsmith] ran a 4.8. [Glenn] Cook ran a 5-flat. [Tyrone] Moss got a 4.7 on his first run. Tavares [Gooden] beat everyone. He got a 4.6-flat. He said he can get a 4.4 and Moss said he can get a 4.5. I know I can. It's just going to make us work harder."

Beason talked about a situation where his speed is comparable to upperclassmen.

"Our backup tight end, Kevin Everett, is like a human freak," he said. "He's 6-4, 250 pounds, runs a 4.4, and vertical jumps like 41 inches. In 7-on-7's I keep right with him but he's three-tenths of a second faster than me. I'll be straight, I just have to keep working hard with Coach Swasey."

Beason said all three incoming freshman defensive ends ran really well on testing day.

"Bryan [Pata] has that great start," he said. "He got a 5-flat and the other two, Eric [Moncur] and Vegas [Franklin] were real close to that."

Beason said he's enjoyed his experience this summer -- especially being able to learn from some of the experienced players.

"Sean and Mo have been straight," he said. "Greg [Threat] is right behind Mo and Lil B [Brandon Meriweather] is behind Sean. [Marcus] Maxey has good size and speed and he's going to be ready too. Everyone's back in the secondary from last year. This time last year, they had the talent and they just needed experience. Now they have both."

The standout safety was asked about the offensive standouts this summer.

"The two tight ends [Winslow and Everett] are off the charts,"he said. "They are for real. Watch out for Frank, he's going to do some things this year. He isn't as fast or powerful as McGahee but he can feel the holes and you ain't tackling that cat in the open field."

Beason, who will wear jersey No. 2 as a true freshman this season, said he's glad he chose Miami more than ever before.

"UM's where I need to be," he said. "I need to get a ring. I came real close with Chaminade last year (his team lost in the state championship game to The Bolles School) and I hurt my shoulder in track season. Nobody has worked harder than us this summer and we have a lot of talent here. We just need to stay this hungry throughout the season and keep working really hard like we have been. Everyone here wants a Sugar Bowl win but we all know that it's still a long ways away so we have a lot of business to take care of."

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