Mike's Analysis: WSU Game

Read on for a full game analysis from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* Disappointing way to end a frustrating season but the kids deserve a lot of credit. A lot of kids on UM's team had never even seen snow before and the weather didn't seem to bother them today. They played hard until the end.

* Sure, penalties hurt but there were three major coaching blunders within a few minutes of each other in the 4th quarter. The first was accepting their holding penalty inside their own 10 yard line. It went from 2nd and 11 to 1st and 12. That made no sense, since it essentially just gave them an extra down. Then, the halfback pass call in that situation made no sense. It probably wouldnt make sense in good weather, and it certainly made no sense in the heavy snow. The third one was on the next series when UM had to use a defensive timeout. That's a bad time to use one. Coach Scott talked about how they spent the first part of every practice on sudden change situations now. That's an example of how poorly UM was prepared for that sudden change.

* The defense kept UM in this game. Especially since they were playing without so many key guys (Kirby, DO, Jenkins, and Jenkins are probably 4 of UM's 11 best on defense). Sure, the snow played a part in that but Miami's defense played pretty well. Coach D takes a lot of heat but he made some really good halftime adjustments. They got off the field on money downs, held up both times in the redzone, and they gave up around 300 yards of offense over the final 55 minutes of the game. Coach D was clearly better prepared today than Coach Coley.

* Brad Kaaya played really well, especially in the snow. I didn't like some of his short throws on 4th down but I counted at least five drops from his receivers and he was under pressure all day. Had they held onto his catchable passes, he'd have been over 70% and over 300 yards and a couple scores. Again, that's good -- especially considering the weather.

* What's happened to Standish Dobard? He's been MIA a lot lately in the passing game. For as much skill as UM has at the tight end position, they aren't involved enough in the passing game. UM better hope Stacy Coley comes back because losing Scott, Waters, and Coley won't be easy on Kaaya, who will likely be learning a new offense and that will likely be his final year here. Either way, there's a tremendous opportunity for a true freshman or two to come in here and play a big role.

* The offensive line was terrible today. They looked lost, and they weren't getting after people. Sure, Sunny being out made them move things around but they still should not be that bad. They were young but 13 games into the season, they're not that young anymore.

* UM has so much skill at the pass rushing spots. It'll be fun to watch them in a defensive system that doesn't limit their ability to do what they do best. Chad Thomas and Quan Muhammad can be among the best pass rushing duos in all of college football next season.

* Juwon Young played a really good game. I think he finished with double digit tackles and a big reason for that is because he's always hustling. Seriously, go back and watch 51's effort. He is all over the place.

* Artie Burns probably played his final game as a Hurricane. He'll be missed. Quality of depth at cornerback will be a concern going into the offseason. I wouldn't be surprised if they went after a Juco CB because of that.

* Bring on 2016!

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