Bakas breaks down Canes recruiting class

It was a big day for the Canes. Read on for a full analysis of the incoming class by CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* Jack Allison is a premier QB prospect. James Coley and Al Golden did a great job getting him onboard very early in the process. When Mark Richt took over, keeping him was relatively easy because of Richt's history of QB-friendly offenses. I fully expect him to be Brad Kaaya's replacement in a couple years.

* Travis Homer is a kid I really like. He's electric, smart, and can do so many things. Thomas Brown said Richt told him his freshman year at UGA that if you cant block to protect our QB, forget about touching the ball. Brown said he'll have the same approach here. Homer won't have that problem. He's a complete back, and handled the process the right way. He committed when his mind was made up and never wavered.

* I haven't looked at other classes but it doesn't matter -- the trio of receivers UM just signed is as good as anyone in college football. I see just one elite talent at the position returning from the 2015 team (Stacy Coley). Now, they just added 3 more. Mullins, Bruce, and Richards are all difference makers. It's the most talented WR class UM has signed in a very long time (the 08 group was good and underachieved but they're not at the level of these guys). Throw in catching passes from Kaaya and then potentially Allison and the upside here is huge. Plus, Ron Dugans knows Richt's offense and has produced elite WRs. The sky's the limit here.

* I like Jovani Haskins at tight end. He's a big, athletic kid who's physical and unselfish enough to block and athletic and long enough to stretch the field in the passing game. I'm surprised he didn't get recruited harder nationally.

* OL Tre Johnson is a reach. He's long and athletic but is very raw and played against very small school competition in high school (against kids much smaller and less athletic than he is). Plus, his grades need to improve. Sometimes these kids work out, sometimes they dont. Time will tell, especially if he's able to get into school.

* The majority of legacy recruits I've seen over the years have been overrated. Patrick Bethel is one that I don't think that's the case with. I think he's a dynamic pass rusher. Same with Joe Jackson. Those are two very gifted pass rushers who should be able to help early on.

* The state of Alabama is the best state in the nation in terms of NFL players per capita. Over half of the 63+ players on NFL rosters played college ball at schools that wouldn't be able to sign a kid that UM wanted. Those are two reasons why I really, really want to see UM start actively recruiting that state. Hopefully Tyreic Martin is a start and not simply an exception because of his prior connection to Coach Kool at Missouri. Typically kids who make visits to FCS schools the week before making a commitment to a major program don't get people excited but I really like this kid. He's probably 2 years away but I like his upside and I hope it starts a pipeline into recruiting the state of Alabama.

* I like all three linebackers. Interestingly, 2 of the 3 were initially recruited by and committed to former coach Mike Barrow. All 3 are very good, and do different things. Contrary to popular opinion, the one I like most is Mike Pinckney. He's old school UM. He's short. His 40 time will be considered slow. Then he'll go out, earn major playing time as a freshman, and develop into a big time player here. Remember I said it.

* DB was a disappointment. Malek Young was a really good addition. He's a baller, and someone who should be able to play right away. Cedrick Wright has a chance. I dont see him as an impact kid right away but he's talented enough down the road. Jeff James is a reach and I'm not sold on Romey Finley being an impact player down the road. Unfortunately, Mike Rumph went 0-for-2 on the two kids he needed to land the most -- Byrd and C.J. McWilliams.

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