Devin Hester Q&A

Devin Hester has not played since his senior season of high school in 2001 and now he is finally ready to report to fall camp tomorrow. After accounting for almost 2,500 yards of total offense and 31 touchdowns in his final year of high school, Hester is ready to get his college career started and he has some aggressive goals for himself. We spoke to him about this and much more.

Do you feel ready "football-wise" coming into fall camp after missing all of last season?
I feel like the year I took off was like a red shirt year. I am more mature now and I've gained a couple of pounds. I think this is the best time as we do not have a lot of proven receivers and I feel I can come in and earn some playing time.

What are you currently at for height, weight and 40 time?
I'm 5-11 and am at 186 right now. I ran a 4.3 flat when we were last timed.

Are there any specific goals you'd like to accomplish this season?
I want to be the Big East Rookie of the Year.

Do you plan to return kicks in addition to playing wide receiver?
Yes, kickoff returns and wide receiver.

How have you progressed this summer in workouts with the team?
I've worked with Brock [Berlin] a lot and I think he is a real nice guy. He is easy to communicate with as a quarterback and he has been real good both on and off the field. The summer has gone real well I think.

What is the key for you to have success this season after such a long layoff from the game?
I need to listen to the coaches and players. I can learn a whole lot more by listening to my teammates. I also have to study the play book but I'll be fine with that.

Do you know what you plan to major in yet?
No, I spoke to a lot of the players and a lot of them felt it was best to be undecided the first year. That way I can learn a lot and be able to make a better decision. I want to make sure whatever I choose is what I really want to do.

Did you get discouraged at any time when you were unable to get into UM initially?
At one point last year when I found out I wasn't in I felt like pretty bad and didn't know what I was going to do. I talked to my mom and she told me to never be negative and to never give up. I always give thanks to God and to my mom for everything and it's because of her that I do all of the work I do to get better.

Has any player impressed you this offseason or stuck out from the crowd?
Roscoe [Parrish] has caught my eye. For 7-on-7 drills our lockers are right next to each other and every day before we'd go out he'd always be like 'I'm going to catch more TDs than you' or 'I'm going to run this route better than you' type thing so the competition with him has motivated me. He's really been my motivation this summer in getting ready.

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