Game Against Washington Postponed

The game this Saturday has been postponed indefinitely by Athletic Director Paul Dee. Though there is no official word, November 24th is a date in which both Miami and Washington have open for a possible rescheduling.

Statement from Paul Dee, University of Miami Director of Athletics:

"The University of Miami and the University of Washington jointly announced that the postponement of the football game to be played between the schools this Saturday at the Orange Bowl. This decision is made in light of today's national tragedy. The University of Miami takes this action out of respect for the people who gave their lives in today's tragedy. We have agreed to play the game at a later date, most likely Saturday, November 24th, which is a common open date for the two schools. A final determination for the date of the game will be made in the near future."

Obviously the situations in New York City and Washington D.C. are a tragedy and that is where the nations focus is. If in fact the game is moved to November 24, it will be a tough road for Miami. That date was originally open and gave us two weeks to prepare for the Virginia Tech game which will not be the case anymore.

In addition to the shortened time Miami has to prepare for Virginia Tech, other advantages are now lost as well. For one, Washington is a young team and will be much improved by the end of November in relation to now. Also the weather will not be as much of an advantage to Miami. The temperature definitely favors Miami in September as opposed to late November.

One major factor may be the crowd. With the game on Thanksgiving weekend it is undetermined how many fans will in fact turn out. Hopefully it will be a loud, sold out game but that being a weekend for family get-togethers across the country it remains to be seen how many fans will turn out and pack the Orange Bowl.

Overall due to the events yesterday the schedule got much more difficult for Miami. Much like our country as a whole, lets hope that Miami perseveres through this.

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