Richt: Day one of spring was emotional

Read on to see what head coach Mark Richt was saying about his new team's first day of spring football.

On the first day of practice
“It was definitely an emotional time. As a matter of fact, I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. I didn’t think I’d be that way. But last night I got my eyes closed, but I just couldn’t fall asleep. I probably went to sleep sometime after midnight, but we had to be up at about five and get going. We had an early morning, a lot of anticipation. A lot of things running through my mind, making sure all the drills were right. I got here early enough to get with the coaching staff and just be sure one more time on the drills and where everything was going to be. Every single thing is brand new. We want the players to know we’re organized. We want the players to know we’re on our game too. We expect the players to do it, so we have to do it as coaches. I had a little bit of butterflies going into day one.”

On taking the field as the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes
“It’s a blessing. It’s an honor. I don’t take it lightly at all. It’s a little bit surreal. When I think about my role as a player, you know a backup quarterback is important. I’ve been able to stress that my entire career because I was a backup quarterback. You know you are one play away from the entire team counting on you. But it is a little bit different responsibility now obviously. But to be here and to represent the University of Miami and represent the family means a lot to me. “

On the team’s conditioning
“Well, first of all, it’s smoking hot out here. You guys can feel it, it's hot and humid. Most of the work that we did in the mat drill program was inside. It was about conditioning, changing direction, team and all that, but it was indoors not outdoors. So being in this heat is a different deal. I just have to make sure that I give enough breaks and enough time for them to hydrate throughout the day. I’m not used to it being quite this hot this early in the day at this time in the year, so I have to make sure I make a good adjustment there.”

On his familiarity with the roster
“I’m learning. You see their names on their helmets; they’ve got their name on the front and their name on the back. We made it in such a way where it’s not going to fall off. Even the position coaches might be very familiar with their guys but aren’t sure on the other side of the ball who everybody is. I’m sitting here trying to learn 100 of them and little by little I’m getting there. But that’s why we have their names on the hats right now so we can keep identifying everybody.”

“When you get a number and a name together, and you start watching film, and you’re like who’s this and who’s that, before long you got it memorized. It does take a while to memorize all those guys, memorize all the recruits we sign, memorize all the 2017s and 18s that were trying to recruit; there are a lot of names and a lot of people, especially for one man being the head coach. If all I do is coach QBs, then I think I would know all the QBs and I would know all the recruits that were QBs, it’d be pretty simple. But as a head coach you have to know everybody and I know I love them all even though I can recognize them all the time.”

On the quarterbacks
“I’m very impressed with the QBs in general as far as really working hard learning what were going to ask them to learn. They have a lot to process. Brad did an excellent job. As a matter of fact, when they came back from spring break and then we started covering things again you could tell Brad and the rest of them did a good job of studying throughout spring break so when they got here it wasn’t like we just started again. I think Brad in particular; you can tell he’s a veteran. You can tell he has been around. There are some new things that he is learning, but mostly it's things he’s already done that have a different name. So far we haven’t really done things that are much different than what Miami would’ve done in the past as far as concepts and things of that nature. But the things that are new he’s really embracing it and I was pleased with what he did in the meetings and on the practice field.”

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