McDermott: Searels is like Kehoe

Read on to see what offensive lineman Kc McDermott was saying following the team's first day of spring football.

On how Tyree St. Louis is coming along
“He’s always been a great player. He’s very athletic and very long. He has tons of potential. There is nothing that can limit any of us on the offensive line in terms of talent. We are focusing on our effort.”

On the new coaches
“I love Coach Richt. He’s awesome. And Coach Searels is great. Anytime you lose a legendary coach like Art Kehoe, it’s going to be difficult to replace him. But Coach Searels is the perfect man for us. From day one, he came into the meeting room, and it was perfect. We all love him and are excited for what’s coming up.”

On the differences between Coach Kehoe and Coach Searels
“They’re both old school guys. They both played back in the day. They both love their job. There are not a lot of differences. There are technical differences, like different drills and things Coach Searels has us doing. Coach Searels loves being with us everyday, and Coach Kehoe was the same way. I don’t think there is a big difference.”

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