Coach Kool talks DL after two days

Read on to see what new defensive line coach Craig Kuligkowski is saying after the team's first two spring practices.

On practice so far:
We’re in day two so everyone still looks great but we have some talent. It’s only a matter of time before these guys pick up what we’re trying to do.

On Gerald Willis:
Gerald is doing a great job, been very impressive. The report on him that we got is that he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s been very coachable. We’re real proud of him. He has a lot of things to do better though.

On which ends he likes most:
All of them. They’re all good. We’ll make plays, and will play a lot of guys. Hopefully it’s that kids are playing really well and then will get a chance to take a break and the next man goes in.

On Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson:
We’ll see. I just started coaching them. They have the potential to be special players and it’s my job to get that out of them.

How he evaluates them:
For example, when you see the kids in high school you see how their motor is and being competitive. When we looked at guys at first here, we used that same evaluation. It’s our job to get them all doing that but there are things I’ve seen that will give us a chance.

On the weight of the players being down:
We want guys to be a certain body fat. At end, we want them at 15-percent and tackle 18-percent. I don’t care what the body weight is. I’d rather them be able to run better so they may be lighter than they were last year.

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