Diaz: It's about personnel, not scheme

Read on to see what new defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is saying after the team's second day of spring football.

On practice so far:
The most important thing is the effort is good. The practice tempo we’re using, they’re tired a bit but we’re not concerned with that.

On what he’s learned so far:
We’ll be OK if we play below the waist. We won’t know until we put the pads on. It gets real on Saturday. Guys have the basics of the defense and now they’ll need to turn it on Saturday.

On what he’s trying to accomplish:
There’s a point where we think you know and then when you know you know. It’s a process. We’re trying to keep it simple. We’re not trying to make this about scheme. The scheme won’t save us. We have to find out if our players are good enough. It’s all about personnel. Some of them may be good enough and some may not be. Who will be good enough to get Miami to where we need it to be?

On the new scheme:
The issue with the scheme, if you can’t cover then you can’t cover. If you cant hold the line of scrimmage, you can’t hold it. We have to keep getting that message out to players in South Florida and build this roster up.

On the young secondary:
We’ll be green on the back end. It’s still early. We have some competition back there. I’m curious to see how some guys respond during the next few weeks.

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