Jon Richt talks QBs after Day 4 of spring

Read on to see what new quarterbacks coach Jon Richt is saying after the first four spring practices.

On how things are going so far down in Miami
“I love it. It’s like we talk about all the time – we’re down here, and we’re in paradise. We can’t thank Miami enough for the opportunity, especially for me. Being able to work with my dad is an honor and a blessing.”

On how he and his dad split quarterback coaching responsibilities…
“Essentially Coach (Mark) Richt is the quarterbacks coach, and he’s the coordinator. He’s going to install this offense the way he wants them to do it and the way he wants them to run it. Really, I’m kind of an enforcer right now. Whatever he says, is what I’m saying, and that’s the way it’s going to go, so they (the players) are hearing one voice. Whatever we say, that’s essentially what he said and as we get going, I’m making sure that they are doing it the correct way, and I’m saying the exact same words that he (Coach Mark Richt) is saying, so that we are able to function and not give these guys too many voices. If you give a quarterback too many voices and too many choices, then these young guys, don’t necessarily know how to compute all that and take it. Right now, we’re just trying to be one voice and get it all together.”

On whether he and Coach Mark Richt are in the same room coaching…
“Yes. We’re both speaking at the same time. He does most of the installations. He does some things and then there're some things that I handle. For the most part, he’s going to get things in the way he wants it, and I’m going to enforce it.”

On what it is like working with his dad…
“It’s awesome. As a quarterback coming up in high school, I was getting recruited, and I ended up going to Clemson, but really we decided that once I was getting recruited I wasn’t going to get a chance to play for because of the things that come along with playing for your father, especially at the quarterback position. Once I got into coaching at Georgia, I got the chance to go and do quality control, but once I turned 25 they had the nepotism law, so that was kind of thrown out the window too. In my mind, I thought I was never going to get the chance to do it. I thought I was going to have to find my own way through it. When he got this job here, and he got this opportunity, he was able to bring me along, and it’s been a blessing.”

On the coaching staff’s philosophy…
“One thing we’re going to do as a staff is – we’re going to love these guys. So it’s not necessarily being an enforcer and making sure we’re yelling at them if they’re doing something wrong. It’s making sure these guys understand what we’re asking of them and when that happens, and you’re able to build that relationship and build that trust with these guys, they’re going to respond it.”

On the younger quarterbacks:
Jack's doing good. We're giving him a lot of reps. He's stepped up and done a nice job for us. This is the first time he's been under center in a pro style offense. There's a lot to learn with that but it's been good. Evan is doing a great job. He pays attention to detail. Everything we're asking him to do he's doing it. The nature of the position, this is Miami, we're letting them all compete. Brad is getting the one reps because he's already separated himself. He's come in and gone to work.

On Brad Kaaya:
First off, he's a hard worker. Brad has not fought us on anything. He's taken to coaching. He could have come in here and acted like he's arrived. Instead, he's come in here like a true freshman and worked his butt and done what we've asked him to do.

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