Richt talks recruiting, singles out DL

Read on to see what Mark Richt was saying following the team's sixth spring practice.

On day six of spring practice
“Day six already, it’s amazing how fast it is going. Forty percent of spring ball is over. I guess all I can say is it is very interesting for it to be this hot in spring ball in the morning, but it is good for us, and the kids know it. That’s part of what we are able to endure and able to thrive in, and it’s going to be to our advantage down the road. I thought the guys are pushing to make plays, and there’s always going to be a victory on one side of the ball and a victory on the other side of the ball. When you’re repping as many guys as we are, there’s going to be a lot of that. I think what the coaches hang on to is that when we all do it right, we get excited, and the kids get excited because they see it. It takes everybody to get it right, and we’re working hard towards that, and I’m proud of their effort so far.”

On having a separate coach for the cornerbacks and the safeties
“Part of it was that was how coach (Manny) Diaz wanted to set his staff. If he wanted one DBs coach and two d-line coaches than that’s what we would have done. I’ve done it both ways, and I’ve seen it succeed both ways. Manny (Diaz) feels like he can handle the linebacking core. There’s no question that coach (Craig) Kuligowski can handle the front four and that gives us two more full-time coaches on defense. The reality of it is, you have four DBs at a time - always two corners and two safeties, but sometimes you’ll be in nickel, so you’ll have five in there, sometimes you’re in dime, and you’ll have six in there. That’s one guy trying to coach that many players, so it’s nice to have two guys in there.”

On the possibility of gaining some help from junior college transfers
“We could use some help there (at defensive back), we could use some help at receiver, we could use some help in the kicker position, we could use some help in the fullback position – we just don’t have that many scholarships to give out. I’ve got to be the one prioritize and say, ‘this is what we need the most.’”

On whether any individuals have been able to separate themselves
“I’m mostly watching quarterback play. I’m watching to see if my quarterback is taking the right steps. Is he making the right read, is he keying the right person, is he handling the sight adjustments on the blitz pickup and all the hot routes. I’m really watching everything he does because I have to watch it as it’s happening, so I can coach him, so I usually don’t get to see what else is happening with everybody else until I watch tape. I do notice certain people showing up a lot. Al-Quadin Muhammad plays so hard every down. He’s talented, but what adds to his talent level is his effort level. Usually, guys that are pass rushers, who are relentless – meaning that they just never stop – they get the most sacks. I don’t know if that’s going to happen for him or not, but he’s one guy, who has stood out.”

On whether he values speed as an important factor when recruiting players…
“You have to because typically wide receiver is a speed position – not always. You do have big guys like (Darrell) Langham and (Lawrence) Cager, who may not be blistering fast, but they are big men, and they can catch the ball because they can out jump people or out muscle people, so we’re going to use their skill set. We need more guys, who can flat out go at wide receiver. At corner, every team in America is looking for fast receivers, so you better be able to run. If not, you better back up, and if you back up too far, they’ll throw it in front of you, and you better be able to tackle and play the next down. The goal is to find guys, who are long enough to handle receivers with length and fast enough to run with the fastest guys and those are hard to find.”

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