Q&A with Brad Kaaya

Read on to see everything Brad Kaaya was saying following Thursday's practice as the team prepares for its first spring scrimmage on Saturday.

On what he wants to see the offense accomplish…
“Just to be able to function at a high rate without things being scripted, without a set period. A lot of times in practice it’s just third down period or it might be short yardage, or it might be blitz period here. Just for guys to be able to function and pick up blitzes, pick up things on their own without saying, ‘Okay, this is blitz period’ or ‘Alright, get ready, they’re bringing strong scrape,’ or ‘They’re bringing cover three behind it.’”

On finally being able to play in a scrimmage as opposed to doing drills and teaching…
“The guys are pretty excited, but we still have to stay even keel in that aspect. Just because it’s a scrimmage and guys are trying to earn spots, you can’t go overboard and try to make the craziest plays. You’ve just got to focus and do your job. That’s something that I’ve learned from the last two years of scrimmages, you just can’t try and force things. You’ve got to just learn to play.”

On a Mark Richt scrimmage compared to an Al Golden one:
Football is football. I think it's similar. You just line up and play so I think it'll be very similar from that aspect.

On having Gus Edwards back:
It will be good. This offense fits him. He runs it well. As the spring goes on we'll have a better idea of what we're going to do with this offense and he should fit in well with that.

On which unit has been the best this spring:
I think special teams. Mike's been money and Vogel's been kicking it well. Some days you may have a bigger install on offense or the defense may install some blitzes we aren't ready for. Some days we have more thinking to do and some days it's the opposite so it's pretty even.

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